EXPLORING LISBON – 6 Things to Do Within 5 Minutes From Each Other

by Melissa "Work those glutes" Boyd

If your feet hurt from walking the hills of Lisbon or you are limited on time, try these six fun things to do in Lisbon that are fun and within easy walking distance of each other.

Start your adventure at Dear Breakfast in the Alfama. The food is fresh and creative and is a perfect way to begin your experience in the morning. In our case, it was 2 in the afternoon. Next to the restaurant, there’s a beautiful iron statue of Saint Anthony right outside the church. Some people believe that if you happen to throw a coin at the statue and hit the book Saint Anthony holds in his hands, you will be blessed, and love will either stay in your life or come to it.

After having fun at the statue, why not visit the Santo António Church or Saint Anthony’s church, which marks the birthplace of Lisbon’s most beloved saints? It’s free, and you can even stand in the spot where the pope prayed in 1982. The church interior is embellished with 18th-century tiles (or azulejos) and paintings by Pedro Alexandrino, and inside, one can visit the crypt, the only original element that survived the earthquake.

Behind the church and less than a five-minute walk is the Lisbon Cathedral. Also known as Igreja de Santa Maria Maior. The Cathedral is one of the city’s most iconic monuments. Besides the aisles, the main chapel, the adjacent chapels, and the transept, one can also visit the gothic cloisters, the excavations beneath the cloister, and the church’s treasures.

Walking up R. Augusto Rosa and just before the Miradouro on the right is a tree with an excellent root structure. We have never seen anything like that before. You are also 5 minutes from Castelo de S. Jorge. We opted to see the Miradouro and get some sangria.

Once at the Miradouro de Santa Luzia, you will take in a breathtaking view and one of the best in Lisbon. Watch our video closely for the tucked-away entrance to Bar Terraço de Santa Luzia. Tasty sangria is just up the steps waiting for you.

Enjoy some sunshine and a view with your drink. And then an effortless tram ride to Praça do Comércio or wherever you desire.

We opted for the tram and called it a day.

Life in Lisbon is a beautiful adventure. Getting lost in this welcoming city is rewarding and good for your health. Eat, laugh, and get lost with us. Let us know in the comments what are some of your favorite short itineraries.

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