A Friendly Tasca & Alentejo Poejo: ITS DELISH – EP 4

Allow me to lead you on a gastronomic adventure through the winding streets of Lisbon, where we unearth culinary treasures to sate your hunger and tease your senses. After indulging in the simple pleasures of Sea bass dinners at Time Out Market, each setting us back a cool 15 euros, our palates craved something more authentic. It was then that we stumbled upon a local gem – a Tasca, where fresh Sea bass, accompanied by potatoes and salad, tantalized our taste buds for a mere 8 euros. A Tasca, you see, is a quaint, family-owned restaurant steeped in tradition. Nestled in dark wooden interiors, these unpretentious eateries serve hearty portions of Portuguese fare on gleaming aluminum platters – and at prices that won’t break the bank. Under the sagacious guidance of a well-informed friend, we continued our culinary quest after leaving the delightful Restaurant Mondego, located tantalizingly close to the bustling Rossio Square. With our appetites appeased and our spirits elevated, we meandered through Lisbon’s labyrinthine alleys and found ourselves at the storied Casa do Alentejo. Casa do Alentejo is more than just a building; it’s a testament to Portugal’s rich cultural heritage. Housed in a palatial 17th-century Moorish-style edifice, this veritable institution boasts a stunning interior adorned with traditional Portuguese azulejos (ceramic tiles), ornate woodwork, and frescoes that pay homage to the Alentejo region’s history and artistry. A gathering place for the Alentejo community, Casa do Alentejo offers a welcoming restaurant, a timeless tavern, and elegant ballrooms that host an array of cultural events and exhibitions. It was within these hallowed walls that we encountered Poejo, an elixir as mysterious as it is invigorating. Originating from the Alentejo region, this potent digestive liqueur is crafted from the aromatic pennyroyal herb, renowned for its medicinal properties and sharp, minty flavor. Traditionally, Poejo has been used to remedy digestive ailments and soothe the soul after indulging in the Alentejo’s hearty cuisine. In the dim, evocative light of the Casa do Alentejo tavern, we raised our glasses in a toast to the generations of Alentejanos who have celebrated life with a nip of this fiery ambrosia. As the liquid coursed through our veins, warming us from within, we knew we had stumbled upon yet another of Portugal’s lesser-known but deeply treasured culinary gems Our journey led us into a nearby emporium, a veritable treasure trove of regional delights. With our curiosity piqued, we delved into the alluring depths of this Aladdin’s cave, uncovering a vibrant array of Alentejo specialties. In this small but enthralling store, we found ourselves immersed in the essence of Alentejo—a captivating testament to the region’s history, culture, and passion for life. It was yet another reminder that Portugal, a land of hidden treasures and fascinating stories, was a destination that would continue to reveal its secrets to those intrepid enough to seek them out. As we reveled in the rich tapestry of Alentejo’s heritage, we struck up a delightful conversation with the store’s proprietor, a warm and knowledgeable individual who regaled us with tales of Poejo’s virtues. As we listened intently, we discovered the depths of the locals’ love for this potent elixir, a love rooted not only in its taste but also in the generations-old tradition of toasting to health, happiness, and friendship. Enchanted by these stories, we couldn’t resist the urge to bring a piece of this experience home with us. We selected a bottle of the finest Poejo, envisioning future gatherings where we’d share this ambrosial treasure with friends and family. Our shopping didn’t end there; alongside the Poejo, we also purchased a bottle of Ginja, or Ginjinha, a luscious cherry liqueur that holds its own special place in the hearts of the Portuguese. Armed with our liquid souvenirs and a newfound appreciation for the Alentejo region’s unique offerings, we emerged from the store, our senses enlivened and our spirits soaring. In this modest but enchanting establishment, we found ourselves immersed in the essence of Alentejo—a captivating testament to the region’s history, culture, and passion for life. Our experience was yet another reminder that Portugal, a land of hidden treasures and enthralling stories, remains a destination that continues to reveal its secrets to those intrepid enough to seek them out. We left with our hearts full, grateful for the chance to delve deeper into this magical world and eager to share our discoveries with anyone who would listen. Join us, dear food enthusiasts, as we embark on yet another flavor-filled escapade in this latest episode of Tourabunga’s It’s Delish. We invite you to share in our culinary discoveries, to revel in our unquenchable quest for gastronomic enlightenment. Thank you for breaking bread with us, and until our next delectable encounter, happy eating! *Disclosure: Hey there! Just a heads-up: some links on this page are affiliate links for products and services I genuinely love and recommend. If you decide to make a purchase or subscribe through them, I’ll earn a small commission for my coffee fund . Don’t worry, I’ll be using that energy to create even more awesome content for you. Thank’s a million for your support! – Melissa

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