Ericeira, Portugal: Enchanting Seaside Town With Gorgeous Views! Near Lisbon

Ericeira, Portugal, is an enchanting seaside town with a gorgeous view 45 minutes from Lisbon by car. Ericeira is a popular weekend getaway for those that enjoy majestic sandstone cliffs overlooking the bright blue sunny Atlantic. Breathtaking ocean vistas call the world’s surfers to visit and be one with its ocean. The great waves and camaraderie brighten the town at night as the village bars and restaurants come alive.

‘Ericeira’comes from Ouriceira, which means a place flush with ouriços (sea urchins). Fans of the purple version of the spiny delicacy will be delighted during the season (late October to April) and during the city’s Festival do Ouriço-do-Mar in April.

Enjoy a slow and leisurely stroll through one of Portugal’s best-kept secrets. Be sure also to watch Episode 3 of our It’s Delish series, filmed here in Ericeira, where we try Gooseneck barnacles, also known as Percebes (per-se-besh) . We are always on the hunt to discover new culinary adventures. Thanks for strolling with us!

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