EXPLORING LISBON: LX Factory Lisboa (World’s Best Chocolate Cake Found!)

Lisbon’s LX Factory beckoned us with its allure in our recent video journey. This vibrant hub, adorned with captivating street art and boasting over 50 unique establishments – from shops to restaurants, coffee houses, and bars – irresistibly drew us into its embrace. We were eager to delve deep into the heart of LX Factory and uncover its many treasures.

The origins of the LX Factory trace back to 1846 when the Company of Wiring and Fabricos Lisbonense inaugurated a magnificent factory in the Alcântara district of Lisbon. Today, this establishment, which has stood the test of time for nearly two centuries, is fondly recognized as the LX Factory.

Far from being just a relic of the past, this “factory city” has metamorphosed into a pulsating hub of culture, gastronomy, and commerce. The LX Factory stands as a testament to creativity and innovation, housing a myriad of companies and professionals from diverse fields such as fashion, advertising, multimedia, art, architecture, and music. This eclectic mix has breathed life into the area, hosting a plethora of events and creating a dynamic that has lured numerous visitors to rediscover the charm of Alcântara.

Our journey led us to the doors of Ler Devagar, ranked among the top 20 most exquisite bookstores globally. More than just a bookstore, Ler Devagar is a cultural haven offering new and second-hand books, a library, and galleries for temporary and permanent exhibitions. It also showcases the ‘Objectos Cinemáticos’ by Pietro. Additionally, it houses an auditorium, the ‘Ouvir Devagar’ music shop specializing in Lusophone music CDs, the Malaca Too restaurant, the ‘O Bolo da Marta’ cake shop, and the ‘Beber Devagar’ bar.

Our adventure took a gastronomic turn when we indulged in delectable Mexican cuisine at the Mex Factory. However, the true highlight awaited us in the form of a dessert. Nestled within this contemporary haven, we stumbled upon what is acclaimed as the “World’s Best Chocolate Cake.” Having savored countless chocolate cakes in Las Vegas buffets over the past 25 years, we were taken aback by the sheer decadence of this particular dessert. Its rich flavor and velvety texture had us raving about it incessantly. Join us in our video as we relish this delightful treat!

Sending warm regards and sweet memories, from the heart of Lisbon to you.

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