We’re MOVING out of LISBON and Running for The Hills! – Life in Lisbon

On this installment of Tourabunga, we bid farewell to Lisbon and head toward the tranquil hills. It was difficult to part ways with Lisbon, as we had forged strong bonds with the locals who gifted us with unforgettable moments. Although we relished the buzz and activity of the metropolis, we are now content with the peaceful and serene surroundings. Our beloved pet, Willow, struggled with the pace of city life, prompting our departure.

Adjusting to life in the hills of Cascais has not been without its challenges, but it has been a thrilling adventure akin to our previous experiences in Belém. If you’re keen to discover the charms of living in Lisbon, make sure to tune in and catch this episode!

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Hi! We’re Melissa, Michael, and Samantha. We’re a nomadic family from the United States, currently living and building our new lives in Lisbon, Portugal. Follow us on our adventures as we explore this beautiful city and all it has to offer.